Belk Bowl: Cincinnati players react to win

Cincinnati players react to their 48-34 win over Duke in the Belk Bowl in Charlotte, N.C.

Travis Kelce (Tight End):

RE: Touchdown Catch

"The call was to get into the seam and Kay looked off the free safety in the middle of the field and hit me right on stride."

RE: Slow start to the day

"Its trusting Brendan Kay back there not to throw into double coverage or to throw me the ball when they are all over me. Just taking what the defense gives me and the play calling from the coaches help put me in the right position."

RE: Double Team

"I wouldn't say they were doubling me up a lot; they were very aware of where I was."

RE: Mood of the team when game was in doubt.

"It is one of those emotions where you are not really down, but you have the belief that somehow your guy is going to pull it out. Even if they get just a field goal that is momentum for us. They got inside the 5 yard line anything but a touchdown is momentum for us. For John Williams to come up with that fumble recovery that alone was momentum for us."

George Winn (Running Back):

RE: Thoughts on the Sideline as Duke was driving

"We have been there before we know how to handle it, I knew if we got the ball back we would have a chance to win the game."

RE: Being able to get the ground game going

"I am happy to get the ball whenever I can get it. We had a little change up in the offense because of the coaching staff leaving but I did my job when they gave me the ball and we passed the ball great and we won so I am happy with the win."

Arryn Chenault (Safety):

RE: His interception

"They tried to fool with my eyes, they tried to trick me, they were going to try and block the corner then after he blocked the corner he was going to go. Then when I saw that he didn't go, I knew what it was. I just turned around and made the play."

RE: Playing Duke's offense

"That quarterback is a pretty good quarterback, number 2 was a good receiver. That is a good coached team over there. A lot of people think Duke is kind of bad, but they are a well-coached team. They fought their tails off, they fought like champions, but we had to get the victory."

RE: 16-0 deficit

"Instead of laying back in coverage we challenged them more. If they were going to beat us they were going to have to beat over the top. So we just played more press coverage."

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