Locker Room Report: Mark Gottfried

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Mark Gottfried discusses the Wolfpack's win over UNC Greensboro.

Mark Gottfried

"They are all good wins."

"The first thing that jumps out to me was our fans, more than our team... on a day when we moved our gametime to accommodate the football game, we have a lot of people out of town following our football team... they come out today on New Year's Eve at five o'clock and gave us a lift."

"I'm really appreciative of our fans."

"It's a good win and it's time for us to focus and get ready to play in the ACC on Saturday."

"I think our young guys have improved and they understand a lot more what we're doing."

"I think defensively we can be better, but we are getting better."

"Now it is time to take that next step and get ready for league play."

"We've had a couple of games where we've allowed teams to turn offensive rebounds into baskets on us too often... we've just got to be a better rebounding team, period."

"There are a lot of angles to that. Our bigs have to block out better. Our guards have to quit leaking out. We've just got to rebound better."

"We created a little bit more havoc with our defense."

"We're going to need [Jordan Vandenberg], and I believe in him. Sometimes it's tricky when you're playing 6'4 or 6'5 post players. It's hard for a 7-foot guy sometimes."

"I like Jordan a lot. I told him there at the end, that I'm not just going to put you in there at the end."

"We've got to maintain a high level of intensity for longer periods of time."

"We've got to make a better commitment to defending and finishing up defensive rebounds."

"We're athletic enough to rebound with anybody, and at times we have this year... we've got to coach them to be better, period."

"Was he the left-hander? We didn't do a very good job taking his left hand away. We kept saying you've got to push him to his right and we never did."

"Our guys are anxious to get league play started."

"Our guys are kind of ready for that next step. We did what we needed to do today to win."

"We've improved a little bit as a team. I still think we're going to be a pretty good foul shooting team."

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