Nation's best could commit any time

ORLANDO, Fla. - Robert Nkemdiche is the top prospect in the country and he has two leaders and one of those could get his commitment at any time.

"LSU and Ole Miss are my top two. They are my leaders, they are on top for me," said Robert Nkemdiche. "Florida, Clemson, and Alabama are still up there for me too, but LSU and Ole Miss are just ahead of them right now."

Nkemdiche loves the fan support in Oxford and Baton Rouge.

"The fans at both schools are great. They really love their football players at LSU and Ole Miss. I have been to each school and I just love the environment their fans create.

He also loves the history at his position at LSU.

"They [LSU] have had so many great defensive linemen. I know Brick Haley can coach his guys, I know they would make me better, and that really is a big reason why I have liked them from the beginning."

LSU could receive an official visit from the 6-foot-4, 285 pound defensive lineman out of Loganville (Ga.) Grayson, but the only one set at this date is Ole Miss. That visit is for the weekend of January 26.

Nkemdiche could commit before or after his visits.

"I will commit whenever I feel I am ready," he said. "I could be on a visit and just commit or I could just decide one day that I am ready. I am just waiting until I know for sure which school and when I know that, I will commit. It could be Signing Day, but it could be before that."

He knows so many eyes are on his every move, but that is not distracting him, and he has his mind set on making the best decision for him.

"I have good people around I can vent to and talk to. It is tough being in my shoes sometimes, but I have gotten great advice.

"Having my brother [Denzel Nkemdiche] at Ole Miss has been good and bad because of everything that comes with that. I like Ole Miss and I'd love to play with him there, but I am going to make my own decision.

"It has been a little stressful for me, but I am very blessed to be where I am. I will be happy when I make my decision."

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