Frosh Huge In ACC Opener

BOSTON -- Rookies Rodney Purvis and T.J. Warren made their ACC debuts Saturday – Purvis with a season-high 19 points before fouling out, while Warren, who came into the game third in the country in field goal percentage, had 11 points in 22 minutes.

"I'm just always patient and [Saturday] was my time," Purvis said. "Lorenzo told me back at the room his freshman year he did a lot of thinking and it affected his performance. I just try my best not to think anymore, just go out and play."

As far as the league road debut, Purvis said, "I'm new to it so they just tell me about it all so I'm just ready to perform."

Gottfried lauded the work of both and said he was actually surprised to see Warren miss four of his eight shots.

"Rodney was really good offensively today – and defensively, for that matter," the coach said. "He did a nice job on both ends, but boy he played with a lot of confidence.

"Those two guys did a really nice job, for young players. On the road, first league game."

Purvis was guilty of a questionable foul on 3-point shooter Patrick Heckmann with 18.9 seconds left, Purvis's fifth foul. Gottfried was mad enough to take his jacket off on the bench.

"I thought it was a timeout or something," Purvis said. "Maybe I breathed on him or something, I don't know what I did wrong, but I didn't touch him at all.

"I think it came down to a lot of anticipation from the referees. I think they were just ready to blow the whistle a lot of times, but there were a lot of fouls and it was hard to get in the flow of the game. We definitely played through it and fought through it and came out with a tough win."

BC did a good job of helping out inside, limiting C.J. Leslie, who came in averaging 15.8 points per game, to 10 points, only seven shots. But he still hit double figures and has done so in all but one game this season, 28 of the last 29 dating back to last season.

"We have a lot of talent on this team," said Brown. "You never know who's going to come out and perform great. C.J. – I think he had a solid game. He can do better, but everybody on this team is pretty talented."

State folks went out of their way to salute the screen set by Richard Howell to set up Wood's go-ahead 3-pointer," Gottfried calling it "a phenomenal screen."

Howell did his usual workman-like job, finishing with 12 points and 11 rebounds.

"He just rebounds the ball so well and he plays so hard and he got 36 minutes today," said Gottfried. "Our team, when he stays out of foul trouble and gives us an additional rebounder for all those minutes – defensively I thought he did some really good things today … he just kind of grinds it out every night. He's been a warrior for us."

BC doesn't usually draw very well, but this ACC opener, with the students still on break, brought in a nice crowd of 6,248. Not all of it was rooting for the home team and plenty of noise could be heard every time the pack made a play.

Boston College suffered its first loss in five games this season when wearing its gold uniforms.

BC came into the game leading the ACC in free throw shooting, but went just 24-for-37 from line.

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