Getting to Know Derrick Green (Part 1)

We learn more about UM's top ranked recruit from those that know him best, starting with his coach, Patrick Kane.

Patrick Kane: “He has great support from a wonderful family that helped him make his decision, and I think it’s what most people expected, and I kind of assumed that would be, but you never know, and it was a family decision, and I think they made a great decision for what’s best for Derrick."

Question: As a football coach, how do you view the fit that he’ll fit in there for Michigan?

Patrick Kane: “I think Derrick can fit in anywhere he goes, personally, but he was very comfortable with that fit, and I’m sure he’ll do extremely well."

Question: How did you help him in the process?

Patrick Kane: “My job is to help him know beforehand what’s going to go on, how the recruiting process may go, some of the positive and some of the negatives of how it goes, and just be a resource for questions if they have concerns, but like I said, he has a great family who’s very supportive and was able to handle it extremely well, so I was just on the back burner seeing if they had a question they could ask."

Question: It seemed like he handled it pretty well.

Patrick Kane: “Amazingly well for a young man to – you know, he’s had the media attention for a while, pretty much started his sophomore year, so as long as he had to deal with it, always a smile on his face, always very courteous, and I’m extremely proud of him."

Question: We’ve all seen Derrick Green the football player rush on Friday night football, or whatever the case may be, but for Derrick Green as a person, how happy are you for Derrick Green the kid?

Patrick Kane: “Oh, extremely. Everybody wants to have the opportunity to live their dreams, and he’s getting to do that, with a lot of hard work and a lot of dedication that’s going to continue, because that’s the person he is. I’m proud of him. One thing about Derrick I think I’ll miss most is that quick smile. He has a smile that will light up a whole room, and I’m not one that smiles too often, I’ve been told, but he can make me smile pretty quick."

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