Coach speak: Taylor Hearn

Williston-Elko High School head coach Dwayne Garrick weighs in on the newest Clemson commitment, OT Taylor Hearn.

OT Taylor Hearn Profile

Hearn, a junior at Williston-Elko, committed to Clemson on Monday night. On Tuesday morning, Garrick told CUTigers that Clemson will be getting an ultra-competitive player in Hearn.

"He loves to compete. It doesn't matter what he's doing, whether it's football, baseball [or] basketball -- whatever," Garrick said.

The 6-foot-5, 305-pound prospect isn't afraid to throw his weight around on the gridiron.

"He's probably one of the most physical kids I've ever coached up front. He likes to finish. He likes to win those 1-on-1 battles down there," Garrick said.

But Hearn is more than just a mauler, according to his coach.

"Great feet, good athlete, he pitches in baseball, plays first base, hits home runs, all that kind of stuff," Garrick said. "There are a lot of big kids out there. A lot of big kids can't move. But he can move. So they're getting a kid that's real football smart, too. He'll do well up there."

Though Williston-Elko is a run-first offense, Garrick believes Hearn has the tools to be a good pass blocker.

"We're probably a little heavy, run-wise. He's coming off the ball punching, knocking people on the ground. It's probably what he does best right now," Garrick said. "He's definitely got the feet. We work on pass pro all the time in practice. He's been good at both. It's not like he's coming from a place that never throws the ball.

"He knows how to kick slide. He knows how to move his feet and get that edge rusher. He's done that."

Garrick thinks Hearn will be able to play either guard or tackle when he gets to the next level.

"His feet are good enough to play out there at the tackle position. He's tough enough, big and strong enough to play inside and knock 300-pound guys off the ball," Garrick said.

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