Quick Mid-Day Blog: Upgrades

Here are some mid-day thoughts from CanesTime's Mike Bakas.

Everyone wants to get everyone. It doesn't work that way. Sure, there are different levels of it but that's reality.

What I see:

Olsen is the best QB prospect has signed in years. UPGRADE

Coley will be the most talented WR on the 2013 roster. UPGRADE

Sandland and Dobard are better prospects than anyone UM has signed here in recent years. UPGRDE

O-Line. It's all about trusting their evals and I like whenever they get kids they wanted all along (compared to offering kids like Hunter Wells late). UPGRADE

Al-Quadin Muhammad is a better pass rusher than anyone on the current roster. UPGRADE.

Artie Burns joins Tracy Howard as the most talented corner on the roster. UPGRADE.

Jamal Carter joins Deon Bush as the most talented safety. UPGRADE.

Sure, you want to upgrade every position. However, that rarely happens. Even with missing on Collins and Thomas, UM will have upgraded 7 out of 10 spots. That's a pretty good percentage.

That's improving your team, something UM did today.

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