Golden: I wanted more from Florida

The Hurricanes signed just five players from inside the state of Florida in this year's recruiting class. Al Golden says he wanted more. Read on to see what he's saying about that and much more.

On James Coley:
He's a class act. I'm glad he's with us. He wanted to get back to South Florida. We didn't really send him back into those schools locally. He did get involved with some guys on the open market, if you will, like Gus Edwards. We didn't put him in conflict with some of the local kids. James is a class act.

On Mario Cristobal:
Wisdom. He has a poise about him. He is connected to the coaches down here. He sees things like a head coach. I've already leaned on him a couple times. We're excited about being here together.

On low numbers this year:
It is what it is. You wanna stay with the best kids in the country. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Getting Gus, Stacy Coley, and Jermaine, those are three big time players we got down the stretch. We wanna make sure guys we get can help, can fit in. This is as tight as you can be. We're happy with the guys we got.

On the impact of looming sanctions:
Hopefully we can get it resolved and move on. We had a Junior Day a few weeks back, and we have another one Saturday. That's our third class that we're dealing with an unknown. That's allowing us to be exposed and under attack.

On low numbers from inside the state:
I wanted to hit on a couple more. It's just how it worked out. We needed tight ends. If there were 10 tight ends down here going places, I'd be concerned. We went out of state to get a quarterback, some offensive linemen. That's not uncommon. The 2001 roster was 55-percent in-state. We're somewhere between 60-percent now. I'd like to stay 60, 65, 70 percent. You can't always predict how it turns out. It had to be a position of need class.

On preparing for low numbers:
We lost the one in the 2 o clock hour (DT Keith Bryant to FSU). We visited 27 guys. We had a self imposed penalty there. What's our hit ratio? That's an incredible ratio. We weren't allowed to visit 45 guys. Some in the coaching community didn't understand the impact this would have on recruiting. To take one receiver says it all, and we got the best one down here.

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