Golden talks about Kirkland situation

Read on to see what coach Al Golden is saying about the Denver Kirkland situation at Booker T Washington High, and a whole lot more.

On the Denver Kirkland situation:
I don't believe in airing that out publicly. There's a difference between pulling a scholarship and having none left. It's tough when you get to this point. Any normal year, I can absorb going over by one. We were dealing with self imposed penalties. We got a run on commitments and then you're out. That's all I can say to that. I was against a hard ceiling, and had no room.

On the small group:
We didn't take 23 or 25 but remember we took 32 last year and we're pleased with that group.

On adding anyone else to this class:
We may have room for one more but that's about it. I'm a competitor like anyone else. I like the guys we did get. That's just the way it shakes out sometimes. We just have to move forward and get this NCAA thing behind us. We're fighting with one arm behind our back.

On how stressful it was down the stretch and then losing some key guys late:
It's the business we've chosen. It's up and down. Don't worry about the ones you don't get. Make sure the ones you do get can play and match your core values. We're here to celebrate the Kevin Olsens, the Stacy Coleys, the Artie Burns. He's a superstar, a tremendous talent, Jamal Carter. Lets talk about those guys and the impact they'll have.

On waiting for so many kids to announce the last minute:
If you have 25, you're not worried because you have two of everything or you filled your needs. Then the guy doing a signing day thing, you hope to know in advance. If he has five hats on the table, it's not five schools wondering. Usually it's two. You then have a pretty good idea. Just about every other question.

On how many of these guys are expected to play right away:
I hope it's not like last year. Last year was about signing a two deep everywhere because we'd lost to many guys the year before. This group is more about filling in. Guys will come in the with mindset they'll be able to compete. Everyone will be able to compete, freshman or senior.

On taking players in a small class:
I'm taking these guys any year – Sunny Odogwu, Ufomba Kamalu, Artie Burns returned seven kicks for scores. I'm excited to get these guys on campus.

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