UM Football Blog: 3/1

Spring football starts tomorrow, and CanesTime's Mike Bakas breaks down the newest depth chart and what some of it means for the Hurricanes.

Lets take a closer look at the depth chart that was released today.

* The following players will not participate in spring football:

Thurston Armbrister, Eduardo Clements, Eddie Johnson (SUSPENDED INDEFINITELY), Malcolm Lewis, Robert Lockhart Jr., Shane McDermott, David Perry, and Gabe Terry.

* Many expect Seantrel Henderson to become the team's left tackle this season. He will be starting out on the right side, with Malcolm Bunche returning to the left side. Don't be surprised if it simply ends up a matter of time before those two spots get flip-flopped.

* With McDermott out for spring, Jared Wheeler will get an extended look at the center position. It's interesting to note the backup center is now freshman Hunter Knighton. At 6-foot-5 and 270 pounds, many thought he'd be a tackle here. He may end up playing guard in the end but for now, he's playing center.

* It's interesting Jalen Grimble is not only still playing defensive end but that he's listed higher on the depth chart than guys like Kelvin Cain and Jelani Hamilton. Grimble came here as a 5-star defensive tackle recruit, and is known more of a run-stuffer. As most know, this team is in desperate need of pass rushers. Don't be surprised if the 4th defensive end becomes Dwayne Hoilett before long because of his pass rushing skills.

* Corey King and Earl Moore are listed as the backup defensive tackles, ahead of senior Luther Robinson, who has had an up-and-down career here. Expect Robinson to see a lot of action this spring, and likely even some time with the starters.

* Tyriq McCord is now listed as a sam linebacker. He will likely be used as an edge pass rusher in that role but he was listed as a defensive end his entire freshman year.

* Alex Figueroa is the only incoming player listed as a starter but it should not come as a surprise. The Hurricanes have 10 linebackers on scholarship. Two are out with injuries and another is suspended. That leaves just seven. He's basically being listed ahead of Jimmy Gaines, Tyrone Cornileus, McCord, and Jawand Blue. Gaines is versatile enough to play multiple spots. McCord is new to the group. Cornileus has been a non-factor for the most part. It appears as though Blue is way behind, and not expected to see the field anytime soon.

* At cornerback, it's worth noting that both Larry Hope and Nate Dortch -- two redshirt guys from 2012 -- are listed ahead of Antonio Crawford, who played a lot during his true freshman season. Either way, look for all three to rotate in. I've been hearing a lot of really good things about Dortch, who is probably a year away from really breaking out and becoming a major weapon there.

* Kacy Rodgers, who started some games at safety last season, is not listed among the top four safety which includes a walkon. It's safe to say that his offseason wasn't real strong, or that he may not be seeing the field as much as he's done in the past.

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