Offers Continue Rolling in For Holley

In the last two days, Lincoln High (Brooklyn) defensive tackle Thomas Holley picked up offers from Alabama, Notre Dame, Ole Miss, Clemson, Maryland and Baylor, and he gives he thoughts on each.

This is how crazy Thomas Holley's recruitment has become in two weeks:

He was too busy to take a call from Alabama coach Nick Saban to receiver a scholarship offer.

Holley was on the phone with the Clemson coaching staff, picking up his fifth offer in two days when Saban called. But when the Clemson call ended, Holley got in touch with Saban and was extended his sixth offer in two days.

"This is starting getting serious," said Holley, a 6-foot4, 290-pound defensive tackle from Lincoln High in Brooklyn. "It means I have to get down to business."

Holley was at Lincoln High using his coach's phone in his office when the two latest offers came in, and it shows how hectic things have become.

On Thursday, Holley received offers from Notre Dame, Ole Miss, Maryland and Baylor. Florida State, Florida, Miami, Rutgers, Penn State and Syracuse are among the other teams to offer Holley, whose lone season of varsity football came this past fall.

"A lot of time my uncle looks up the school and then we go and talk for a while about the different schools," Holley said. "It's a lot. There's so many different things about the schools and so many things you can learn about the school. You can do as much research as you want on a school, but you don't actually get a feel for it until you go up there."

With offers pouring in, Holley gave his thoughts on each offer from the last two days:

Alabama: "Powerhouse. (Saban) is a nice guy, very calm and laid back. He was telling me that he wants me to come down to Alabama and they want me. He wants me to come down just so he has a chance to meet me.

"They produce NFL players. They have good academics and overall they have a nice campus and it's an amazing place.

Clemson: "They were real pleased. They were talking to me and they said they think I'm a very special guy and they were saying they want me to come to Clemson and be a part of their team and they offered me a scholarship.

"While I was talking to them, coach Saban called. I had to call him back. It's just crazy."

Notre Dame: "They have great academics, and they're a great team. It's a wonderful place and it's definitely something big."

Baylor: "I know RGIII (Robert Griffin III) went there. It's a strong program, great academics. It's a long distance from home, but I'm willing to take a trip. It's crazy because I'm going to be doing a lot of traveling this summer."

Maryland: "It's a good football program and good academics. I'm still doing my research on them."

Mississippi: "They contacted (Lincoln coach Shawn O'Connor) and I spoke to them and I got the offer. I was just ecstatic. I was asking and they definitely have good academic programs, they graduate their kids and they do have kids that go to the NFL."

Holley said he does not have a leader, nor does he have a timetable to make a decision.

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