Blacknall high on LSU after offer

LSU reached into New Jersey on Thursday to offer WR Saeed Blacknall. The four-star prospect doesn't know much about LSU for now, but he still has LSU among his early favorites. Blacknall looks forward to learning more when he visits in late March.

Prior to Thursday, Saeed Blacknall had only received generic letters and fliers from LSU.

Considering the minimal contact, and the fact he lives about 1,300 miles (in Englishtown, NJ) from Baton Rouge, Blacknall wasn't expecting an offer from the Tigers any time soon. But that wasn't the case, as Wide Receivers coach Adam Henry called Blacknall on Thursday to let him know he had an offer from LSU.

"That was exciting, shocking and I was so happy at the same time," Blacknall said. "My reaction was that I didn't expect it. It takes a long time for SEC schools to evaluate players across the country, and for them to offer me was shocking."

With LSU reaching so far out of its typical recruiting footprint, Blacknall said that made the offer all the more special.

"That was the whole big thing, because I'm way up here," Blacknall said. "But they took the time to go out of their way to go after me. So that made it special."

At 6-foot-3, 205 pounds, Blacknall certainly fits the mold of the big WR that LSU has targeted lately. But he also has speed, saying he's been clocked having a 4.45-second 40-yard dash.

Blacknall said Henry was very complimentary of his skillset.

"First he told me they watched my film and they love the big receiver types," Blacknall said. "He thinks I could fit very well in the offense. He said he loved everything about me and what I bring to the table. He just gave me the offer and said ‘This is what we have, and I hope you consider us.'"

Blacknall added that Henry left a favorable impression on him during the introductory conversation.

"I know he came from the Oakland Raiders before he got to LSU," Blacknall said. "I had heard of him, and one of my coaches was telling me about him, where he's coached and how he has a good track record. He seems honest and happy. I'm fortunate to get a call from him."

Blacknall admitted he doesn't know much about LSU at this point in his recruitment, but that he's looking forward to learning more. But he said LSU has a reputation that speaks for itself, and that alone is enough to already have them high on his list of interests.

"I don't know too much about LSU, but obviously the spotlight's always on them and they're a winning team," Blacknall said. "They're really good at getting their guys to the next level. We call them one of the faces of college football, and it's an honor to be a part of something like that."

He mentioned LSU along with Ohio State, Michigan, Clemson and Ole Miss (who hasn't offered yet) as the schools that are standing out most right now. He also said Georgia Tech, UCLA and Cal are giving him plenty of attention as well.

Blacknall has already visited Rutgers and Pitt, and will make a big road trip at the end of March to explore other campuses. From March 25-27, he will visit Clemson, Ole Miss, Georgia, Georgia Tech and LSU.

He said after that trip he'll have a better idea of how the schools rank, but the big thing he'll be looking for is comfort.

"Ultimately, I'll need to feel comfortable," Blacknall said. "I'll be trusting the coaches with the next four years of my life. I want to know that I'll feel comfortable, and how I'll fit into their program and how it will benefit me. That's basically what I'm going to look for in a program."

He said he's not in much of a hurry to put an end to his recruitment, as it's only recently started to pick up steam.

"Probably the start of my senior year [is when I'll commit]," Blacknall said. "Right now I'm building up. My recruitment is really just starting to pick up, especially after LSU offered. There are a lot of other schools still going after me, so I'm just waiting it out."

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