The President is Back

The President is back after curtailing his playing time last season due to injuries. Now he's bigger, better, and faster than before and is planning to revamp this years' defense. Read on to see how Denzel Perryman is progressing in the spring.

Q: What's your preferred position as a linebacker?
A: It really doesn't make a difference. I'm comfortable inside or outside, but I like the outside.

Q: Why?
A: People can't see me come in from the outside, so it's a big hit for me.

Q: Have you gotten any bigger this year?
A: Yeah. Right now I'm at, like, 235, and last year I was at 225.

Q: What's your goal playing weight?
A: 235. I'm comfortable with it and I'm used to it now.

Q: What are your numbers in the weight room?
A: My bench is at 425, now. My squat is at 525. My 225 reps went up to 33.

Q: Where does that rank on the team?
A: I know amongst linebackers, I'm first in everything. As far as the reps, the 225 I'm at top ten, top five.

Q: How ready would this linebacker class be if Eddie Johnson doesn't come back?
A: I mean out here it's the next man mentality. So guys will be preparing themselves to get a chance to play.

Q: Who has been stepping it up lately?
A: Pretty much all the linebackers and the defense. Today we had a good day before we left. On break we had a good practice. Everyday, everybody is just stepping up.

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