Sandland getting adjusted to UM life

Beau Sandland was a highly sought after tight end prospect from the Junior College ranks, and he's expected to play a big role in Miami's offense in 2013. See what he has to say about his coming to UM.

Q: What appealed to you in picking Miami as a school to go to?
A: A lot of things appealed to me. The type of offense that this school has; position coach and coordinator and if I feel comfortable around the coaches. The academics was something that was really important to me too. Academics in other schools would spend maybe an hour on academics, and I felt real comfortable with coach Golden.

Q: Do you think you have kind of a kinship with your head coach, since he played your position in college?
A: Yeah. That's something that really excited me. I don't know if there are really that many other head coaches that play tight end. But obviously, him playing in a high level, Penn State, and then playing in the league was something that really impressed me. He'll be over there sometimes, watching the tight ends, giving us pointers.

Q: How has it been since you've arrived here?
A: It's been good. The first week I was here, it was really hectic. My head was just swimming, because I came two weeks late in the semester – I had to get me AA from my junior College. But since then the transition has been really good. I've been here for a couple months now and I couldn't be happier with everything. What was really essential for me was to get in and go through spring ball. For instance, I had seven or six SEC offers and I just had to scratch them off because the SEC doesn't accept online math and English, and I had to take online math and English if I wanted to be in early. So I wasn't even going to accept a school that I had to come in over the summer. Because if you come in the summer, you only have that period to get up to speed with everything. I feel like spring ball is very critical to get you in tune and in shape.

Q: Do you think even with Clive and Asante that you will have some playing time on the field?
A: Yeah, I think so. I think that the offense is real multiple set and real tight end friendly. I mean today we were running a lot of free tight end sets. But we have a real good relationship.

Q:It seems like the Patriots have been putting an emphasis to tight ends. Tight ends are changing. Does that make it a more key position?
A: What Jimmy Graham and Gronkowski did last year made some people call it "the year of the tight end". They have really revolutionized the position, showing that they're big guys that can move. Maybe they are not as good as receivers, but they are almost as good and they are more physical. So I think that they really did help the position, and I think that they are using it more and more.

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