West: Top Ten Tight Ends

The top two tight ends in the country are also the top two in the West in the early tight end rankings for 2014...

West: Early Top Ten Tight Ends
Location: South Jordan, Utah
High School: Bingham
Size: 6-5, 230
Recruiting: Stanford, Arizona State, BYU, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Nebraska, Northwestern, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Tennessee, UCLA, Utah, Utah State, Washington, Wisconsin
The Skinny: Schultz is the top tight end prospect in the country, and for good reason.  He's a tremendous route runner, a physical mismatch with excellent hands and good speed.  Has some of the best body control of any pass-catcher you'll see in the West and with his long arms and soft hands, catches just about everything thrown to him.
Location: La Mirada, Calif.
High School: La Mirada
Size: 6-3.5/215
Recruiting: Alabama, Arizona, Arizona State, Arkansas, Baylor, Clemson, Colorado, Florida, Florida State, Georgia, Iowa State, Louisville, Miami (Fl), Michigan, Mississippi, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Tennessee, UCLA, USC, Utah, Vanderbilt, Washington, Washington State
The Skinny: Luatua is one of the heaviest recruited prospects in the West, but there are still some questions about which side of the ball he'll play in college.  He could play tight end, linebacker or defensive end, though his preference is on offense.  He's a pretty physical player, but will need to become more natural at catching the ball.  He's got pretty good speed and does a good job of getting open, just needs to be more consistent in bringing it in.  Still, he's a tough matchup because of his size and athleticism.
Location: Ventura, Calif.
High School: St. Bonaventure
Size: 6-4/220
Recruiting: Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Miami (Fl), Notre Dame, Ohio State, Oregon, UCLA, USC, Utah, Washington, Washington State
The Skinny: On the other hand, Dixon is a real natural pass-catcher and does a good job of adjusting to throws and showing the balance and body control necessary.   Is improving as a blocker but is more of a catch-first, block-second tight end.  He's good in the open field and does a great job of getting separation from defenders.
Location: Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
High School: Coeur d'Alene
Size: 6-4/212
Recruiting: Washington, Arizona, Boise State, California, Eastern Washington, Idaho, Idaho State, Nebraska, UCLA, Washington State
The Skinny: Another good receiving tight end, Blakley has soft hands and does a good job in running precise routes.  Like many tight ends, he's improving as a blocker, with catching the ball his primary focus, but he's got a good frame and is one of the better athletes at the position, so as he fills out, he's got a chance to be a terrific all-around tight end.
Location: Scottsdale, Ariz.
High School: Chaparral
Size: 6-5/235
Recruiting: Arizona, Arizona State, Boise State, Oregon State, Utah, Washington
The Skinny: Another big, physical tight end, Wood isn't the fastest, but does a good job of creating space between he and the defenders and is pretty tough to jam him at the line of scrimmage.  He's a very good blocker and is a solid route-runner.

The Next Five:
6. Henry Mondeaux (Portland, Ore.)
7. Darrell Cloy (La Habra, Calif.)
8. Matt Bushman (Tucson, Ariz.)
9. Dylan Keeney (Granite Bay, Calif.)
10. Zack Bornstein (Westlake Village, Calif.)


National Recruiting Analyst Greg Biggins (@GregBiggins), National Recruiting Analyst and West Regional Manager Brandon Huffman (@BrandonHuffman), Southwest Recruiting Analyst Jason Jewell (@jason247scout) and Northwest Recruiting Analyst Jake Worthen (@JakeWorthen) contributed to these rankings.

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