Q&A with Shane Larkin

Read on to see what Hurricane star Shane Larkin is saying the night before the team takes on Illinois in the third round of the NCAA Tournament.

On Durand Scott's three point shooting:
Two of the last two games he had five threes so he's hot right now. Hopefully we can just keep it up and I'm going to do the best I can to find him and get him easy shots.

On the challenge with Illinois:
They shoot a lot of threes. They have great shooters and great guard play so we just have to really defend the three and rebound and run.

On their offensive streak over the last several games:
I think everybody saying that we peaked at the wrong time really lit a fire under us and really motivated us to come out and play great on the offensive end and defensive end. Defensively we've stepped on people early and when we've done that we've gotten good starts offensively. When we start playing well we finish the game well.

On growing up with a famous Major League Baseball player for a dad and not following his footsteps:
Baseball just wasn't the sport for me, there's no reason other than that story that's come out as to why I didn't play baseball, but it just wasn't the sport for me. I'm glad I'm playing basketball, I love basketball. It was good growing up with him, he taught me just to have good character on the court, be humble, never really showboat, just be a poised individual, always stay humble, just go out there and get it done and don't try and show up your opponents. He was never a guy who showed off, he had like 12 All-Star appearances, Louisville Slugger award, MVP, but he was always cool and never showed off, he was just a cool humble guy and I really looked up to that and I just want to be just like him. Of course he'd want me to be out there playing baseball but he's a very supportive father and he loves what I'm doing now, he's having a lot of fun with it so it's great just knowing he supports me in any sports I play.

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