Coley speaks after scrimmage

Read on to see what first year offensive coordinator James Coley was saying following today's scrimmage.

On how they're progressing:
I love everybody from the kids to the coaches. The kids are hungry, they want to win. They have potential.

On what he'd like to see:
I'd say finishing. It looks good the way the plays are developing but we have to put that period at the end of the sentence. I like the explosive plays by the receivers. If the opportunity's there, let's take advantage of it.

On the versatility of guys:
I really like the fact that Dallas Crawford can go in there and give us a great one-two punch with Duke. The tight ends are getting used to their roles.

On the tight ends:
If you look at all our tight ends, from Beau to Standish to Clive, if you look at the film, they lined up at receivers several times on third downs. We're not afraid to get into spread sets on third downs. They're running good routes. Now lets finish.

On Jake O'Donnell:
He had a couple catches – turned it up and got vertical at one. It's been a fast change for him. I like what I saw. Everyone needs to get things corrected. He has to have a great offseason, which he's done. He's gotten stronger in the weightroom.

On the receivers:
What you see is you see a lot of speed. You see guys getting open, guys who are violent in the way they're running routes. We're five deep there and that doesn't count guys we have coming in this fall.

On Ryan Williams:
It registers very fast for Ryan. Same thing for Gray – he's just learning. He's just a freshman but he can sling it and he's a leader. We like what we see.

On Allen Hurns:
He gets up and down the field. He's going to be hard on himself. He thought he should have caught the deep ball in the endzone. He ran a great route. That's what I want him to do.

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