Golden recaps scrimmage

The Hurricanes scrimmaged for the first time this spring earlier today. Read on to see what Al Golden was saying about it afterwards.

On the wind today:
My last stop was in Philadelphia and it's often 25 degrees this time of year so I can handle the wind. It was the first scrimmage, more penalties than you want. The tempo wasn't what you want. Herb Waters stepped up. Dallas Crawford stepped up.

On where they're at:
I think we're ahead of schedule, and stayed ahead of schedule. If we hit the right number we want to get out of here and not tire guys and risk injury.

On Stephen Morris:
Stephen's sharp. His mind. Where the ball should go, Stephen was really on top of it. He rushed some throws. He sailed one or was short on the depth but understanding where to go, he was right on. I think his completion percentage will go way up.

On the defensive effort:
They're more mature, they're stronger. From a defensive perspective, all those guys are back except Brandon McGee. I thought Olsen Pierre and Chick played strong. I don't know who made the goal line play (Alex Figueroa) on Duke. That means a lot to that kid to make that play on the goal line.

On going fast:
You have to. If not, you'll get banged up. When we're in every day in practice, we try not going 11 on 11. We're always yelling if guys are on the ground. Out here, there's only one way to play the game.

On the new coaches:
That's the biggest thing. If I could share anything, it'd be that. D'Onofrio went upstairs. James, Larry, and Brennan had their roles. Everyone was tested. We'll go back, grade it, and get ready for Tuesday.

On today's injuries:
I'm worried about Dyron Dye. I'll reserve comment until we know more. Other than that, we're fine.

On Herb Waters:
He's unselfish on special teams. He was ready for the opportunity. He's done a tremendous job. What we're all surprised at is his change of direction and ability to make people miss. He's a big receiver and does a nice job of those things.

On dropping weight:
Danny Isidora came in at 350 and is 308 now and has been running with the ones for the whole spring. I've learned to be careful. We had a good first scrimmage today and now we have to learn from it and move forward.

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