Bush singles out newcomer on defense

Read on to see what Deon Bush has to say about the defense and their changes on the field.

Q: A lot of people were saying that you weren't being yourself during scrimmage. Is there anything you would like to say on that?
A: Everybody has room for improvement. I feel like I wasn't there in a couple of areas. But I'm just working hard right now, trying to get together with my teammates. Overall, the defense played pretty well, but we still have stuff to look for.

Q: Is it a good thing to see Allen Hurns 100 percent knocking guys over like that, even if you're in the receiving end of it? [Hurns knocked down Bush earlier in practice during a play, but It wasn't personal]
A: Yeah, it's a good sign to see that. It's good that all the receivers are trying to control the blocker.

Q: Who do you think is improving this year in the defensive side?
A: Fig (Alex Figueroa), the newcomer. He came in, and he came in with a bang. Everyone is surprised on how he's catching up so fast and learning. He's got a lot of heart right now. The corners are doing well. Even Rayshawn (Jenkins), AJ (Highsmith), and the D-line is playing tremendous. They're playing off the double. The defensive overall is improving, but we still have stuff to work on.

Q: How is Fig like?
A: He's a good person. He's very upbeat. You never see him mad. He's just a hard worker. He plays like he's been here before.

Q: What are you trying to improve in your practices?
A: Tackling. Just try to do the basic stuff that helps a defensive player evolve.

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