Golden: Tuesday was best practice in 3 years

The Hurricanes returned to the practice field Tuesday, and head coach Al Golden called it the best practice he's ever seen as coach at Miami. Read on to see why, and much more of what he's talking about.

On Dyron Dye:
I'm going to reserve until we know for sure it's a significant injury. I won't say anything more until we hear more from the medical staff. It was non-contact, very disappointing. We're all praying for him and hopefully we'll have some good news.

On what the team learned from Saturday:
A lot. It's the first scrimmage so you get a barometer. Then challenge everyone from there. Our most talented players probably didn't play their best. A lot of guys had good purpose going into the scrimmage, a good attitude. It gave them the opportunity to either match them on the depth chart or surpass them. We all get graded on performance.

On Matt Goudis:
He was good. Again, Jake has done such a good job for us that we sort of forgot about Matt. He made a 49 yarder. We need him to continue to grow. It was a great start for him. On the short scrimmage:
We were only out there for 90 minutes. The tempo sometimes gets them the first time. Hopefully we'll be able to grow and improve.

On Alex Figueroa:
He's motivated. He's got a little bit of a chip on his shoulder, something to prove every day. He's not just a kid who works hard. He's a very talented kid who works hard, who performed well. I hear coaches saying when they fix him, he changes it. He's been able to grow, able to do that.

On the offense transition with the new staff:
I think James, Larry, Hurley, Art, and Brennan have done a great job of that transition. I thank them for all the hours they put in. Today we were much better. We went out and performed much better on offense. That's a tribute to James. Kids respect him. He has a sense of urgency right now and I like what he's bringing to our offense.

On the music at practice:
I have about one stretch song and then they take it over. This team can be that group that can work hard, compete, and have fun. That's hard to find. This team might have it. I see some of it so far.

On the basketball team:
I couldn't be prouder of what they're doing, how they've stuck together. Now they're onto DC and we wish them incredible success in their journey.

At running back:
What we're doing with Randy is how to carry the load, how to be a 20-carry guy. We're trying to do that and be careful with that guy. The guy having the best spring is Dallas. We don't know where Eduardo is at. Danny is stepping up, and we have Gus coming in. We'll take two or three running backs in this class coming up.

On Malcolm Lewis:
Before the scrimmage, he was out in pre-game running routes. If he's out there doing it, it's because the trainers said he could. Seeing him come out of a break, that's an amazing feat – a medical miracle. We'll be careful with him, condition him, and keep bringing him forward.

On Jontavious Carter:
There were too many plays where he didn't finish. I don't mean talent wise. I mean finishing plays, play in and play out. He was much better. He has to buy into the philosophy of being the same guy. That was the best practice since I've been a Hurricane coach. Jontavious has to learn how to do that. He's not Phillip or Malcolm. Big receivers are blocking, out-working people. Once he gets that, he'll be fine.

On why Tuesday was such a good practice:
There were a lot of guys in that scrimmage that we weren't happy with their performance. Now guys are going with ones. A lot of guys responded today because they didn't live up to their expectations. There were very few mental errors. We competed, started fast, and had fun. We got a lot done.

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