Golden talks several topics

The Hurricanes practiced again on Thursday, their last session before Easter break. Read on to see what head coach Al Golden was saying after it.

On Rayshawn Jenkins:
With Rayshawn, he's very gifted. He's an explosive player, who can be a big player for us at safety. He needs consistency every day, just submitting to that process. That's what we're working with. Taylor Gadbois was the same and the last four or five practices he's consistently getting better.

On having lots of area players and coaches at practice:
What a great way for them to get an honest look at the program. We must have had 400, 500 people with family and coaches. We're going to have a BBQ now. We'll enjoy Easter weekend and then come back for meetings and get ready for the next scrimmage.

On the team having more fun at practice:
This is a very mature team. Every year is different. Every day is different. They all have a purpose and a focus about them.

On kids pairing up for Easter weekend:
It's the no one left behind philosophy. 55 percent of our team is from Florida. Everyone else needs a place. Kids do a great job hosting others. Some kids don't have classes tomorrow, or are done early. They'll have a chance to go with another family and enjoy Easter weekend. Parents step up and say bring so and so over or bring a group over.

On Kalvin Cain's progress:
I say it to him every day. Get your focus razor sharp. He's very talented. He was very competitive today. He's learning to trust it. I really like Kalvin. I hope he's ready to take the next step. He has the talent to do big things here in his final year.

On having more tight ends this year:
We couldn't get to that (last year). Beau and Stan, and the surprise at that position is Jake O'Donnell. Now with five guys, it's raised Clive's game, raised Asante's game. Asante is having as good a spring as anyone. We can do different things, flex them out more than we've been able to.

On the backup QB spot:
That's a good battle. Stephen is number one right now. The real competition is between Gray and Ryan. Ryan is ahead of him in terms of his overall undersanding of the offense. Gray has to keep studying and keep moving forward. Stephen understands his competition isn't here. His competition might be at Texas or USC. He wants to be the best in college football.

On the offense improving from the scrimmage:
Our goal line offense wasn't good. We didn't finish drives like we needed to. Our tackling needs to improve. They did a good job of limiting explosive plays on defense.

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