Kehoe likes the versatility of his unit

Offensive line coach Art Kehoe likes the versatility of his offensive line. Read on to see what he's saying about them.

On missing some experienced guys this summer:
Coach Golden talks about it in meetings all the time – Linder, Feliciano, and McDermott have probably started 90 games together as a group. Maybe it's more than that. With them being out, they're coaching players. It's awesome. Guys like Sunny Odogwu, Hunter Knighton, Danny Isidora, and Taylor Gadbois are becoming good players.

On the starting tackles:
They're both getting better in every aspect. They're both really gifted. Theyre starting to learn the ins and outs. They're so valuable to have.

On the experience:
We have four or five guys who can play the right and left side, understand all the line calls. I'm really comfortable with these guys. They're really fun, really competitive.

On the younger players:
Sunny's only played a couple years of football. These other guys are helping him. Now he has 10 practices under his belt. We're yelling at him now. He's 6-7, 315 pounds, size 17 shoes, hand size is 12. That's the highest measurement we've had in school history. He's starting to pick it up. Everyone's coaching him. Al's coaching him. I am. The players are. It may be in two a days or during the season. He's going to be a terrific player. He's a great kid. He's a good student. It's only a matter of time. He has the experience of an 11th grader. He's getting the reps. So is Hunter Knighton, all these guys. They're starting to play and learn. They gotta get in there and do it.

On the versatility:
Seantrel could play left or right. Gadbois had a chance at guard and he was unbelievable. And now we have Briscoe. Linder can play all three. McDermott can play center or guard. Feliciano can play tackle or guard. All the tackles can play both sides. I'm not talking about putting them in there and you're praying about it either.

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