Golden talks about several players

Read on to see what Miami head coach Al Golden is saying about several players as the team continues preparing for its second spring scrimmage on Friday.

On Olsen Pierre:
He's leaving a lot of guys in the dust right now. His ability to practice at a high level, he's doing a great job. He's setting the bar right now for the defensive tackle position.

On Tuesday:
Today was his best practice, I think. It's interesting you ask that. He threw the ball really well down the field. We had a lot of balls down the field. He's done a great job putting it where he needs to put it. His competition is being the best player he can be because he's clearly our number one right now.

On Stephen Morris:
I really wish we could have taken him to Charlotte. He was saddled up and ready to go. Having the offense back has really helped him. The young guys have really helped, like Stan Dobard and Beau Sandland.

On Gray Crow:
He's fighting right there with Ryan. Those guys are fighting for two. He has a strong arm. We have to have him make good decisions, get us out of bad plays. He's close. He snapped off a few big ones the other day. We just gotta get him to a certain place.

On a light class in 2013 from South Florida:
Lets be fair. It wasn't a year heavy on skill guys. We were gonna take one receiver and two or three defensive backs. That's what south Florida has the most of. When you cut yourself short there, you open up the market to everyone else. It was out of our control. We haven't changed our philosophy one bit. It's all about what we have available and what the market bears. This year south Florida is exceptional.

On Friday's scrimmage:
Number one, can e improve our fundamentals. We wanna be a tough, smart, disciplined team? This team is having more fun, competing, and bringing it every day. And ultimately, as a coach, we wanna stay healthy. We do a good job giving them a chance to heal up.

On Anthony Chickillo:
He's stronger, and is playing tougher on the line of scrimmage. When Anthony came, he was good at playing on the edge and came with a skill set as a pass rusher but as far as playing gap and gap and a half has improved. A lot has improved with strength.

On Jimmy Gaines:
Him and Kirby have been battling all spring. It's really close. It's a hair. Don't underestimate Jimmy's ability to run the defense, be verbal, and Jimmy's in the right spot all the time. There's something to be said for that.

On Denzel Perryman:
Denzel's doing good. He needs to have a better scrimmage in this one. That goes for a lot of guys. Denzel's one of those guys we need to get more of.

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