Golden talks before 2nd scrimmage

Read on to see what head coach Al Golden was saying after practice today, as the team prepared for its second spring scrimmage that is set to take place tomorrow night.

On Matt Goudis:
I like how he responded today. He's waited his turn, and is showing how good Matt Goudis is. He's important to do everything right now. I'm now allowed to name them but we have some good walkon kickers and punters coming in. It should be a good competition.

On the 2nd scrimmage format:
It helps us manage that we get everything in. The last one, if we stay healthy, we'll play a game. This one is making sure we have all the goal line, short yardage plays, and so on.

On going to Naples:
It's important for us in general. We went to Traz Powell, been to Hialeah, Palm Beach, Fort Myers, and now we're going to Naples. It's important for us, our brand, the coaching community. We had a great crowd here last time and we expect a great crowd tomorrow nght.

On the D-Line stepping it up:
Luther, OP, and Curtis to improve their work ethic and consistency the way they have, and they're all that much stronger. Other guys have stepped up. Jelani has, Corey King. We need Ivery and Moore to step up. Chick is doing his thing.

On Stephen Morris:
We held out Stephen today to rest his arm. Gray and Ryan took most of the reps today. Those two will split the twos tomorrow night.

On the OL depth:
I'd say I'm happy that we can play with nine right now. We've gotten close to 10. I really feel like we're closing in on 10 for the first time since I've been here. We've been close.

On the versatility:
Hunter Knighton has done a nice job at center. Wells can play center. Bunche has played guard. I love the progress Seantrel has made. He's done a great job maturing. We all find ourselves talking techniques but Seantrel has really matured and it bodes well for his future.

On Curtis Porter:
He's doing good. There's a battle between him and Luther. They're competing. Luther and OP are setting the pace in terms of how to work. The others need to keep up. We'll get a good feel for it tomorrow.

On goals for tomorrow:
I think we have some ideas on what we wanna get done. As it unfolds, we'll see where we fall short. Last scrimmage we fell short on short yardage, goal line, and on defense our tackling wasn't good and had a few rotation breakdowns. We have to get those fixed. It's why we pack our bags and scrimmage.

On the team bonding on a trip like this:
I think they enjoy it. Last year it brought energy and the kids responded. I expect the same tomorrow. We learn a lot about each other when we go on that stage. The first time there's a hit, we feel it. There's an energy in the air.

On GA Kareem Brown:
He has a great work ethic. He wants to do it. He's passionate about it. He goes above and beyond. A lot of GA's don't wanna do the recruiting side of it. He's been doing a lot of different things for us.

On the defense:
We'll find out a lot more tomorrow night. Hopefully it's not a one-hit wonder. I challenged the offense to respond. If the defense can keep the points down, it'll be a building block for them and that's important.

On DL help coming in the summer:
Ufomba, Alquadin, and those guys will have something to say. Kumala is 290. Muhammad is an explosive player off the edge. Bond is an explosive pass rusher. They should all make us better.

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