Perryman ready to improve in 2nd scrimmage

Read on to see what linebacker Denzel Perryman is saying just before the team competes in its second scrimmage of the spring.

On the scrimmage in Fort Myers last year:
I felt like I was back in high school, a packed crowd. It's like a little road trip. Go put on and show and then come back. Practice wise, it's the same but I like the atmosphere. You're playing on turf, in a high school stadium. Last year you had some people standing up the whole time yelling.

On his first scrimmage performance:
Last scrimmage I had a few plays that I wasn't finishing like I was supposed to. Defensively, we had some mental errors we need to fix. Balls were being thrown 30 yards downfield and instead of running full speed I'd be jogging to the ball.

On what needs to improve:
As long as we work hard and fix things from last scrimmage, we'll be fine. Guys need to step up.

On whether it was driving him crazy:
It wasn't' driving me crazy but it was one of those things that I need to improve.

On his pick six vs BC and more plays like that:
I wouid say more of guys just knowing their jobs, period.

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