Morris talks before 2nd scrimmage

Read on to see what starting quarterback Stephen Morris, who had Thursday off to rest his arm, is saying about the team's upcoming scrimmage in Naples.

On goals for this scrimmage:
I just want to make sure that everybody is on the same page as me. I've matured in so many ways off the field, especially off the field. I just want to make sure everybody is communicating better. I'm just making sure that I'm executing everything that I need to execute first.

Q: Do you feel stronger from throwing the ball Tuesday? Coach Golden mentioned that Tuesday was your best practice thus far this spring.
A: I feel confident in my arm and in the decisions that I make.

Q: Coach Golden mentioned Tuesday that having most of the offensive line come back this year has helped you out a lot. Tell me about that. How has it been to have those guys behind you?
A: Definitely I think the offense starts with the offensive line. They did an unbelievable job last season and even coming into the spring. We've got a couple guys who got banged up who aren't with us right now. But other than that, you know everyone's been there. And everyone's been there and everyone understands the protection because they are all veterans on the line. It makes my job as a QB easier; they see the same things as me pretty much. I don't have to worry about protection so much; I can start to look at the defense and going to the secondary reason and things like that. I just think everyone has that chemistry on the OL. They're a tight nit group, a lot of chemistry there. Always making jokes and having fun. I think that it helps them out in their offense.

Q: How do you feel going into tomorrow? I've heard you say before that you feel good; you haven't missed a beat since last season. You played great in the last half of last season. Where do you stand now?
A: I think tomorrow is an opportunity to have fun. We practice so hard out here and we're going to have a great crowd out there. I think it's a great time to execute our players. Have fun with the guys around you and enjoy the environment. I know that there's going to be a good crowd so it'll be fun for the new guys. I love that stadium, it's a real nice stadium. I haven't played in Naples since high school. But first and foremost, we have to execute our plays.

Q: Coach Golden has mentioned a few times how your competition aren't here. It's with yourself and with the other top quarterbacks in the country that you're going to be facing off with this season. How do you feel about that statement?
A: I think he's completely right. You know, my competition continues to be with myself. To get better within myself, and to help Coach Ryan and help coach the other quarterbacks here with us. But my competition really is outside. When you think about it, there are a lot of teams that are going to be competing for the ACC championship. So my job is to be on point and to make sure that the guys around me are going to be on point as well.

Q: Going off of that, I think the real battle this spring has been for the No.2 QB spot in Gray Crow vs. Ryan Williams. What can you tell me about how that's been?
A: I think that they're battling it out; they're doing a really good job. Ryan obviously has a lot of experience under his belt. You know he's a step ahead, he's been here before, he's played as a freshman, and he understands college football. And Gray is coming off from being redshirted last season so he's seen a lot of football and has been mentality training but now it's time for him to transition that to the field.

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