Mike's Take: New OL commit

The University of Miami landed another four-star offensive line prospect today, which means they now have the best offensive line class in college football. Read on for a breakdown from CanesTime's Mike Bakas.

What to Like: Athletically, Gibbons is outstanding. A tight end-turned offensive lineman, Gibbons brings a tremendous amount of athleticism to the table. He can run like a tight end. He moves laterally extremely well. He can get downfield. Everything you look for, athletically, in an offensive line prospect, Gibbons has it. From that perspective, he brings a lot of versatility. He also plays the position with a defensive mentality. He plays with a good amount of aggressiveness, and that really helps him get after opposing defensive linemen. Even when he was playing tight end, he was the type of kid to really get after people in the running game. Gibbons is also a very good student athlete. He's very good in the classroom and has a tremendous amount of knowledge about the game. He has a good football IQ. He knows the game really well. He's also a tireless worker, according to his coach. It's hard for kids to match his work ethic.

What may concern you: At 6-foot-4, he comes in a little on the short side for an elite level offensive tackle prospect. And at just 275 pounds, he doesn't really have the massive frame to play on the interior anytime soon. He still needs to get a lot stronger in the weightroom, and continue bulking up his frame. He doesn't have a whole lot of experience playing along the offensive line, either, so he'll continue having to learn all the necessary techniques that come along with playing the position at a high level.

Bottom Line: Gibbons was recruited heavily all across the country. Florida State, Florida, Tennessee, Oklahoma, and Ohio State are just some of the premier programs who actively recruited and offered Gibbons. He wasn't a kid who grew up favoring Miami. They had to out-recruit the other schools, and they did it -- moreso than how they had to recruit the other three OL commitments currently in this class. Every year this state only produces a few offensive linemen that get recruited nationally. Miami currently has three of them committed. K.C. McDermott is was recruited like a 5-star while Trevor Darling and now Gibbons were recruited like high 4-star players. Throw in Nick Linder at center and this is the best offensive line class the Hurricanes have signed in a long time. It's also the best offensive line class in the nation as of today. With Gibbons now in the fold, it'll be interesting to see if Miami continues actively recruiting any other players at the position. None of the four commitments right now will likely seriously look at any other schools. They will make up a tremendous haul for coach Art Kehoe for the next few years.

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