Golden singles out standouts from scrimmage

Read on to see what head coach Al Golden is saying after practice on Tuesday, and after having a chance to review the scrimmage film from Friday night.

On scrimmage standouts:
I was really pleased. My first reaction was that I was pleased. I was right when I watched it with the staff yesterday morning. Rashawn Scott had a real good day. Dallas Crawford had a good day. Mo Hagens. Hunter Wells and Taylor Gadbois showed they're ready. Wheeler had a good day. Olsen Pierre, that was his best performance ever. Porter, Luther played well. Kelvin Cain had a nice scrimmage. I know there's some I'm missing. We'll move forward from there.

On the secondary being more physical:
I think we have a chance to be physical. We have a bunch of guys willing to throw it around. Crawford, Dortch, and those guys are starting to be physical. The safeties are big and physical – Alonzo, Deon, Kacy, all those guys are over 200 pounds and physical.

On the defensive line:
We've been testing their growth, development, and strength. Corey King has been improving a lot. Chick was another guy I didn't mention that played really well. We have to keep pushing them.

On Matt Goudis:
We're making progress there. Matt missed his first one but he came back and his kickoffs have been better. We recruit walkons to come in and challenge. We're gonna need some guys to develop in all three areas.

On guys making improvement:
Fundamentally, we've been able to stay with the process and improve. There are more guys improving than not. There was a list of guys, not just one or two. I'm pleased with that. We have to finish now, stay focused, and know practice 14 is as important as practice 1. In the scrimmage we need guys to show us they can help us win games. If they cant, we'll look at the next 25 coming in.

On guys they need more leadership from:
I'll say it by name. Denzel needs to perform every day like a black shirt. In some other areas, it's competition, going between green and black. Everyone has to execute every day. We have to prepare. I was talking to Tracy about how much film he's watched in the last 48 hours. He looked like it. We need more guys to develop that type of culture. It's fun to watch.

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