Golden talks about team before spring game

Read on to see what head coach Al Golden is saying two days before the spring game.

On this spring:
It was good. It's the culmination of the spring, and gives us a chance to see how we finish. If I was a player, I'd want this to be the best, the floor and not the ceiling going into the season. Hopefully they have that mindset and are ready to go on Saturday.

On the spring game importance:
They've always been important to us. We grade it as coaches and then show it to the players on Monday. It's important. I know the players don't wanna see poor effort. We want them to finish how we want them to finish.

On injured players:
We may have to hold Allen Hurns. We'll hold Jelani, although he's not going to require surgery. Danny (Dillard) will be able to go. You guys will know in pre-game with how they're dressed.

On most improved players:
Dallas Crawford for sure. Danny Dillard. Asante Cleveland's had a great spring. Isidora, Wheeler, Herb Waters, Kalvin Cain. Olsen, Curtis, Luther, all three of them are really improved. Antonio Crawford and Howard have improved and are battling there. Fentress had a really nice spring. I communicate with them in the building with who's improving. A lot of guys have gotten a lot better this spring.

On leadership:
I don't think you can become a great team until you know the difference between throwing it somewhere else or how you react to a certain play. Seantrel is a great example. He's improved so much. Now he's next to Danny Isidora coaching him. He's better. It's about those guys taking ownership, and I'm seeing those guys being accountable.

On the blood drive:
It's something we got involved in. My mom is a cancer survivor and her mom is. It affects everyone at the University and in the community. We just don't have an opportunity but an obligation to give back. Our kids did a great job. They may not know for years. We saved a life yesterday by giving back. Ryan McNamee did a great job and we appreciate all the volunteers who helped.

On picking teams for Saturday:
I don't know. I wanna see some matchups. It's easy to say ones versus ones. I wanna see if some of the twos can play with some of the ones. There's no rhyme or reason for it. It changed even more when guys got hurt this week.

On kids getting chances:
They have to perform. It's going to happen during the season, like Isidora. Linder goes down and we thought about moving guys around. Danny responded. The guys who do it right, you never know when there's an opportunity. You play Isidora and you found someone who can go out in a game in 130 days.

On the way Saturday will go:
We'll start the drive on the 35 or 40. We may start a drive before that. I'll let them have the flow with substitutions. It won't be like the other two.

On the secondary:
I look at is their effort where it needs to be? Their attitude? It's been good. Their technique has been good. They've improved every day. They're football kids. They were out here all spring break working. Crawford's had a good spring. Dortch has come on. Alonso, Bush, they like the game and they've made a lot of progress.

On more leadership:
We've been able to enjoy the journey. We didn't have to send them back in. There's more leadership and accountability. I've been able to keep my voice because of it.

On the incoming guys this summer:
I think Burns, Jamal Carter, Grace, Bond, and Kamala will push. The Junior College players don't have time to sit around. Gus Edwards wants to get in the mix. Coley will have a chance. First, will they show up in shape on June 28? Will they start to learn in July what they needs to get done in August, and then of course they need to start performing in August.

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