Coach D talks before spring game

Read on to see what defensive coordinator Mark D'Onofrio is saying a few days before the team's spring game.

On the starting unit:
There are about 17 or 18 guys that we can use with the first group in the scrimmages. We need more guys to get in that group so we can feel good about the two deep without a dropoff.

On wanting more leaders:
I think we're being hard, looking for guys who give us the whole package and show the toughness day in and day out. Those guys are special.

On higher expectations of certain guys:
Yes, no doubt. They understand that. It's constant feedback. Coaches tell them what they expect. The position coaches will meet with me and we'll have an understanding of what they need to do.

On Deon Bush's tackling:
There's no doubt about Deon's toughness. At times, his technique needs cleaned up, needs to be more under control. At safety, you want to be at 95 percent on tackling. He's been very good back there.

On changes in the lineup:
It's not about how you start, it's how you finish. Just like during the season. Some guys will step up and emerge.

On spring games:
They're a big deal. With passionate fans, they're excited for football season. When you have fans as passioinate as ours, it's a big deal. As far as gameday itself, for us, we're trying to play fast. We're not showing much but you wanna see everyone play hard, play fast, and be fundamentally sound.

On the young secondary growing up:
All those young secondary guys have made big jumps. It's the first spring for a lot of those guys. Instead of gameplanning for offenses that change every week, now they can sit back and learn it all.

On Tracy Howard:
He's growing. He works hard, is really passionate about the game. It's a matter of working on techniques and doing what we want from him.

On Antonio Crawford:
Antonio Crawford was getting some time but hit the wall a little in the second half. He's had a great spring for us. Jenk started the last two games for us and he's really improved. Those are ones that really stand out to me. I'm really excited about some of these guys.

On Curtis Porter:
Porter's been healthy. He's been evolving as a leader and has been real enthusiastic.

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