Chatman keeping options open

Four-star Kameron Chatman is back on the court and going through the recruiting process. Read on to see the schools involved, where Arizona stands, and more.

Long Beach (Calif.) Poly forward Kameron Chatman had to sit out this past season due to transfer issues, but the 6-foot-6, 175-pound four-star is now able to play again and participating in EYBL.

"It feels good to finally step on the court," Chatman said. "They took the game I love, so I am feeling pretty good after sitting out the season.

"I am really open right now. It is probably going to start back up heavily now just because the college coaches are out. It is under control though, not too hectic."

Despite the fact that Chatman did not play last season, his recruitment has not died down. In fact, he is hearing from schools throughout the country.

"The Pac-12, Louisville, UConn, Michigan, Marquette, and a lot of different schools are recruiting me," Chatman said. "Arizona offered me a scholarship, so they are up there too.

"The coaching staff is great. They do well recruiting and they win, so it is a really great program. It is definitely a program I am looking at."

It would make sense if Chatman was set on staying in the Pac-12, but he says that is currently not the case.

"Not right now," he said. "I am probably going to go to the place that will appreciate me, push me, and benefit me the most. I am not biased to the west or the east. I am open right now."

As of now, Chatman is unsure of where he would like to take visits. However, he does say that it is possible he will take some unofficial ones this summer.

"I don't have anything scheduled right now," he said. "I want to take some officials if I am close to a campus or have some time or something, but nothing is planned as of now."

Whether or not Chatman does take officials, he still knows what he will be looking for in a school and when he wants to make a final decision.

"I probably want to decide some time during my senior season," he said. "It will come down to my relationship with the coaches. Some people say campus, but I am from Portland, so that is not a big deal how the weather is. Just mostly how I feel I fit in with the team and how comfortable I will be"

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