Manuel starting to understand what it takes

2015 Lansing Sexton forward Trevor Manuel is trying to put himself in position to be the player he wants to be. Trevor talked with GBW about taking teams serious, working on his game, and recruiting.

At times it is difficult for coaches to get across to their team to take every opponent serious. For Trevor Manuel it is beginning to be clear about why you play hard every time out.

"We have to take every team seriously," he told GoBlueWolverine. When we come out there it is a good tournament -- no one is going to be weak, no one is going to just let us win the game. We have to come out and play to our potential, and when we play to our potential we play great."

Trevor has begin to expand his game on the inside, playing in the post, as well as outside -- and a lot of that is coming from hard work in practice.

"It's just practice -- when you practice you know what to do in games," he said. "I go in the gym everyday and work on my inside skills and outside skills, so I am just comfortable all around the court."

With his skill set Trevor is being looked at by many different colleges at this time, and you have to wonder just what position are they looking at him to play for them.

"Most college coaches want me to be a three or four," he said, "and be able to step out and shoot and to be able to dominate inside as well."

For a big man Trevor has a solid handle that he has put an emphasis on in order to become a better player out on the perimeter.

"That's ball handling drills I do with my coaches all the time," he explained. "My high school coaches have me just doing ball handling drills all the time. To make sure I can be that three-four, and to make sure I can step out or get to the basket when I am on the perimeter."

The first school to offer Manuel is the Michigan State Spartans, and he says they tell him exactly what they are expecting from him.

"They want me to be more of a dominant inside player because of my height, stuff like that. They say I can also go out and shoot the three when I need to.  They want me bad -- they were my first offer."

Trevor also has built a relationship with Lavell Jordan but it is Manuel's father, who also knows Jordan, that makes this relationship unique.

"We have a good relationship, him and my dad, Manuel said. "My dad grew up with him. So we have a really close relationship. We call each other maybe like a couple of times a week. He is just a really good guy and I like the way he coaches."

Although they have a pretty solid relationship, Coach Jordan still talks to Trevor about how he should play and what he should be doing out on the floor.

"Yeah, he tells says I have to be more dominant on the whole court -- no matter where I am at I just have to be that one that no one can stop."

Manuel also said he is unsure at this time whether or not he will be attending Michigan's Elite camp.

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