Interview: Antonio Grier

Antonio plays on the strong side, so he doesn't make as many plays as his brother, but his talent at that position is very comparable and he still ranks among the most talented linebackers in Florida. When I watched him in the spring, he was very impressive.

Antonio measured in at 6-0 1/2 and 214 at the start of two a days earlier this month at Homestead. He says he's about a 4.65 kid right now, and that's what I had him at in the spring. He's a 4.65 kid, but he's very explosive especially with his first step.

Your current core GPA: About a 2.4

Your current test score: I got a 540, so I need to re-take it (editor's note: Grier has not yet passed the Math section of the HSCT).

Which schools called in May: Some of them called, but the only one I talked to was Auburn.

Miami called Tony, did they talk to you: They just talked to Tony.

Who are your three favorite teams: Miami, Auburn, and Oklahoma.

Are you guys looking to stick together: Yes, most likely.

Antonio wasn't real talkative as you can see. Obviously the reason he didn't get some calls in May is because of his grades. If he improves about 200 points on his SAT, many schools will start calling again. But right now, his options seem to be limited. If they stick together, it appears Auburn is someone that is willing to offer them both.

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