8/11 Practice Report

First off, something a lot of people don't realize when reading or posting these reports is that when a team is as deep and talented as we are, the best players aren't always going to stand out above the rest like they will on Saturdays because the competition level is a lot higher.

That was always the case in the mid 80s to early 90s. I've been reading some of these reports and find it amazing how some people fail to mention how well Dorsey has been throwing the football. How disruptive William Joseph has been on defense. How dominating Edward Reed is in the secondary, and so on. Just keep that in mind, I just hope I wrote that right.

Offensive Player of the Day: Jeremy Shockey - I felt all summer that Shockey needs to catch at least 50 to 60 balls this season. He's faster than most safeties and faster than all opposing linebackers. His hands are very soft, and he runs incredible routes. In the early season when our receivers need a few games to gel, watch this kid absolutely explode.

Offensive Freshman of the Day: Roscoe Parrish - He's doing exactly what I felt he would ever since last September - light up the fields here at UM. The thing most people dont realize is here's a kid who has NEVER started a game at wide receiver in his organzied football career. From pop warner to high school, he was always a quarterback. But the natural tools as a wideout are all there. This kid's off the charts. The only corner we have that can stay with him in the open field is Buchanon. Roscoe will play this fall.

Other Offensive Standouts: Najeh Davenport - His knee injury vs Ohio State in 99 was a two year injury. He played well last season, especially in big games. But what he's providing glimpses of is amazing. This kid has NFL first round written all over him. Andre Johnson - It's all a matter of experience. His hands and route-running are 10 times better than they were in the spring, which proves how hard he's been working. Once he gets on the same page with Dorsey, forget about it. He'll be better than Reggie Wayne was here. Martin Bibla - While we're still searching for a left guard and our two tackles have had illness problems, Bibla's been rock solid at right guard. Coach K says he's probably the most complete OL on this team.

Offensive misc... - As mentioned, Dorsey continues throwing the football like an NFL quarterback. But more importantly, watch the improvement that Crudup and Ortega are making. In just three practices, they've both improved tremendously. Primarily, it has to do with the coaching of Dan Werner.

Defensive Player of the Day: Phillip Buchanon - Our receivers are good. Real good. And they have a Heisman candidate throwing to them. But when it comes to shut down ability, Buchanon is every bit as good as some good ones we've had here in recent years, including Starks. PB has been really superb.

Defensive Freshman of the Day: Orien Harris - The defensive backs get the notice because they're center stage when it comes to 7 on 7 drills. And while the linebackers have been solid, how about taking time to watch Orien Harris. True, he's not going to make a huge impact because he's so young. But you talk about a kid with talent, holy sh!t. At 290 pounds, his feet are superbly quick and his penetration skills are very strong.

Other Defensive Standouts: Andrew Williams and Jerome McDougle - As much as I like the Greens and how much they improve every day, these two kids have it. They put heat on the quarterback constantly and they're much better vs the run as opposed to five months ago. Jamaal sat out today, so it allowed McDougle and Williams each an opportunity with the ones. And they clearly tookm advantage of it. Edward Reed - Everyone expects so much, it's hard for him to stand out in many people's eyes. But ask any of the NFL scouts watching us practice. Reed's as good a prospect as anyone on the field and he's showing them why in practice.

Defensive Misc.... This is UM's deepest unit since 89. The second team defensive line was outstanding. Our second team linebackers were very active, while backup DB's Alfonso Marshall and Jerrell Weaver had very impressive practices.

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