Kyle Morgan Profile

With all the questions and comments about incoming freshman Kyle Morgan, I wanted to get to the bottom of it. I just had a long conversation with his coach at Galileo Academy of Science & Technology School in San Francisco.

His coach first started raving about what type of kid Morgan is. "He's just a great kid. He's a good kid to coach. He's very soft-spoken," he said of Morgan.

At 6-foot-4 and 250 pounds, Morgan has the frame to grow into a much bigger body. "He's still young, probably a young 18," his coach said. "In two years, I would imagine he could be 6-5 or 6-6. Right now he's about 250, but I would think he's a 275 kid in two or three years. He's a big kid. He's got huge hands, long arms, all that type of stuff."

Morgan was outstanding on the field as a senior last season. "We played him both ways. Offensively, he rarely missed an assignment for us, and his guy never made the play. We pretty much ran behind him every play."

"Defensively, we played him at nose guard. He had a lot of tackles behind the line of scrimmage. He just has a nose for the football. He's very hard to block because he controls people with his long arms, and then chases everything down. Plus, he's got natural strength. He isn't real strong in the weightroom yet, but they'll change that at Miami."

"I don't have any exact stats, but he was the San Francisco Defensive Player of the Year and the Lineman of the Year in this area," he said.

"Kyle qualified late," he said. "Oregon State liked him a lot. SC was on him for awhile, and then they changed to another group of coaches, who never really got back to recruiting him. Then there was Cal, but he wasn't qualified in time for them to give him a scholarship on signing day."

"When he got qualified in May, I began sending his tapes around. Everyone wanted him, but nobody seemed to have a scholarship open for him. Then I was going to Trinidad for a vacation," he said. "I was leaving from the Miami International Airport, so I talked to the secretary at Miami and she told me to put a tape in the mail."

"I was gone for 11 days, but when I got home, I had a million messages from Miami. They had sent him a scholarship, and we just needed to go through all the paper work. Their defensive coach said they liked him a lot and think they can do a lot with him because of his frame and work ethic."

"I never knew this until recently, but Kyle used to be a sprinter in track when he was a youth. Then when he got bigger, he stopped running. But he's very fast. He's probably a 4.7/4.8 kid now, but I would imagine he could definitely drop at least one-tenth of a second off that after he's at Miami for awhile."

Morgan's got all the tools, both physically and mentally. He's a great athlete with super speed, and a huge frame to grow into. We're talking about a defensive tackle that will be in the 6-5/275 range in two years and we're talking about a kid who could be a legit 4.70-4.75 kid at that time. He's very active, has tremendous work habits, and is a kid that Miami offered the same day they saw his tape. That doesn't happen often, anywhere.

"He's definitely a diamond in the rough, but Miami is very high on him," he said. "They're getting a great kid who will grow a lot and a kid who I think is a future star for their program."

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