Golden discusses several topics

Al Golden addressed the media for the first time this preseason, and spoke about a number of team-related issues. Read on to see what he was saying.

On the goals of camp:
This team, the leadership, the chemistry will be formed here at training camp. What we did in the offseason, the spring, and summer will help. I hope the offense is chasing excellence.

On what makes this team different:
This is a very mature team -- not a lot of list guys. These guys wanna win, and compete every day. I hope that only gets stronger.

On the team getting bigger:
Porter is 313. Shayon is 276. Denzel 243. Gaines is 240. Fig is 238. Cornelius and Armbrister in the 220 range. Kirby is 230. We've gotten bigger at linebacker. Those guys grew up on the field. They didn't have a chance to grow up in the weight room. Hamilton is 285, played at 258 last year.

On newcomers:
We expect Kamala and Derosier on the roster in the next few days. They're not on there until they get cleared.

On the pass rush:
We think Quan Muhammad will help. Kalvin Cain has added weight. Tyriq McCord has added 20 pounds.

On looking back to last season:
We were underdogs 7 times. We played 21 freshmen. We played 3 of our first 4 games on the road. They played their asses off.

On competition battles:
I look at the O-Line, I dont know who the starting five are. That's a good thing. There are six guys going to bed tonight thinking they're starters. There are probably four or five safeties thinking that.

On Allen Hurns:
Allen's doing great. He's been a tremendous leader for us all summer. Being a great leader, that's one thing about Allen Hurns. He'll bring it with him, offense or special teams. He will stay healthy.

On Stephen Morris:
He's an excellent leader. His football intelligence is great. He has the arm, the feet. He will feel comfortable with everyone on offense because they're all returning. I think he's chasing something big. Randy is another humble guy, team oriented guy.

On Duke Johnson:
We gotta get his touches up a little bit. Last year he hit that wall. This year he needs to go right through that wall. His body muscle is up. He's stronger, has gone through the conditioning. For us to say we wont have Randy Johnson return kicks, or line up in the slot, then he's not Randy Johnson. It's our job to find what he does best and get him doing that in the game.

On the NCAA stuff:
Kids and families and coaches in the community see that we wanna do things the right way. It's been easier on the younger kids now than it was two years ago because they see closure coming. You see how many early commitments we have. Our staff has done a great job.

On Jimmy Gaines:
Jimmy's ahead. Jimmy's another one of our strong leaders. If I could go out and recruit a kid, I wanna show a kid what a middle linebacker would like, I'd load the website and show him mind games of Jimmy Gaines. That's what a middle linebacker should look like. Kirby will compete there. Denzel has gone in there. Cain has gone in there.

On Ray Lewis:
Former players are always welcome back. They always come out to practice. That door is always open. I heard he's going to be commentating but I'm sure he'll be around a little bit.

On the ACC:
I think the conference is getting better. We have to do our job. Virginia Tech's been at a high level for 15 years now. Miami has to do its job, and worry about Miami. Hopefully we'll have some closure and be able to get back to that. We have a long way to go.

On the practice schedule:
The first two days are helmets, just shorts. The next two will be uppers. Then after that we'll go full gear.

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