Golden recaps first weekend

A lot is going on now that fall camp has kicked off for the Hurricanes. Head coach Al Golden provides a lot of player and competition updates. Read on for all the latest.

On the first practice:
We got a lot done. They're all in good shape, which allows you to do more. A lot of guys did work over the summer and the freshmen studied. It shows they prepared.

On adding new players:
As soon as we get something locked in, we will release it. There are a number coming but I wont get into it until it's finalized. They still have to go through the proper channels.

On that process of adding players:
It's been an ongoing process. Anyone who can help us will be embraced by the program. They're allowed to watch and work out on their own but they cant be with the team until they're cleared.

On freshmen:
The difference is they're going to have to impose their game on someone to get in there. Just after one day there are some guys who came out and competed and compared. I'm not ready to jump (into naming them) before pads go on.

On the competition at linebacker:
At linebacker, it's not just the two inside guys, it's the best combination. Everyone will play. There are a lot of combinations you can have there. We want to find the three best and then find the top five or six.

On the backup QB competition:
I think Ryan and Gray are clearly competing for that next spot. Everyone else is competing to get that third spot and into the rotation. We'll see how the competition goes.

On Preston Dewey:
Preston Dewey is not here with us in camp but he'll be here at some point. Right now it's Ryan, Gray Crow, and Kevin Olsen. It's a personal matter, and I wont get into that.

On the cornerback competition:
I expect there to be a lot of competition. Tracy Howard, Antonio, Gunter, Nate Dortch did a nice job and came back stronger and bigger. Corn Elder did a nice job there, and it looks like he'll be able to make the transition to corner. I'm tempered in my thoughts.

On Eduardo Clements:
He had a little foot discomfort so I'm anxious to see where he's at. He's ready to go, in great shape, and ready to go.

On Seantrel Henderson perhaps playing left tackle:
To be that player at the next level, you have to be a dominant player and a consistent player because you're protecting the money man. We';re seeing seeds of that and hopefully he'll have a great camp. If he projected there, he'd be there for us right now.

On Malcolm Bunche:
Malcolm can play guard or tackle. Even though he's 329, he's one of our fastest linemen. He csan move and pull and gives us size and strength inside.

On Rayshawn Jenkins:
He has more confidence in communicating. Tha's a difficult position with alkl the checks. Hopefully he'll contiunue to be more vocal and really run the defense. That's what a great safety does.

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