Q&A with Dallas Crawford

Read on to see what sophomore running back Dallas Crawford is saying after the first two days of fall camp.

On fall camp:
Pretty much learning the system and finding my niche and seeing where I can help out at and do the best I can.

On sitting most of his first 2 years:
I had to be patient but it hasn't been tough. Even if its not offense or defense, you can help on special teams. I took pride on my redshirt year, getting guys ready on the scout team.

On his role on special teams:
You cant play if you cant play special teams under Coach Golden. I'm ready.

On his weight:
My weight stayed the same. I am 196. 225, I'm almost at 20 reps. I'm a lot stronger than I was last year.

On the RB depth chart:
We don't really about depth chart. We all can run the same plays. Whatever they call, we're ready to run.

On Gus Edwads:
That's a freakish athlete right now. For how big and fast as he is, it's crazy.

On Eduardo Clements:
He looks fresh. He is definitely stronger than he was before he got hurt.

On the RB group:
We take pride in the running backs. We want to be the best group on the team but we know we're nothing without the O-Line.

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