Q&A with Tracy Howard

Read on to see what sophomore cornerback Tracy Howard is saying after the first two days of fall camp.

On fall camp:
I feel great. I'm just getting better every day so I can become a better teammate. We're all coming in and trying to get better.

On being named to the Unity Council:
It means a lot for the coaches and the players and now I just have to uphold it. My mentor was Brandon McGee. Brandon was very special to me. When I first came in he showed me the ropes. With him being gone, I gotta carry the torch and lead every day. I'm glad he instilled a lot of things I can show others throughout my college career.

On the WR group:
I think we probably have one of the best wide receiver groups in the whole country. I'm blessed to have these receivers. I like competing with them every day, trash talking with them. It's only going to make me better and make us better as a whole.

On the competition there:
Everyone is competing. We have a bunch of different receivers. All those guys are different. We have guys who can stretch the field, run great routes. It all depends on the scheme of the defense. Even the young guys are good, like Stacy Coley.

On the pressure last season:
I was young and got thrown into it. I just come out and try getting better. At the end of the day I wanna get a black jersey. I just wanna come out and compete and have fun. There's no pressure.

On how he improved:
I just had to understand that as I got older and more mature, I had a better understanding of the coaches and everything. Talent will cover itself.

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