Coley goes indepth about the offense

The Hurricanes have completed their first weekend of preseason practices. Read on to see what first year offensive coordinator James Coley is saying about his unit, and several of its players and position battles.

On what he's seeking:
Communication, consistency. You see guys take this offseason and work hard. You can see how they talk to each other. Sometimes it's just a stare between two guys.

On Stephen Morris:
He's doing a great job. He just has to work and continue to get better. He's had a good summer.

On Kevin Olsen:
We're working on getting him into it. He is just getting started. He's very talented, a very smart kid. He understands the position. His dad is a football coach. He knows it really well.

On Ryan Williams:
Ryan's had some experience so that's helped him out.

On the RB depth:
We're looking at that right now. Who will step up?? Dallas contributes a lot when he's in there. Gus is a good looking kid and will get a look. We also have Mo Hagens in the backfield, and Danny Dillard coming back, and Eduardo Clements.

On Eduardo Clements:
He's versatile and gives you stuff that Dallas gives you. He's smart, a good athlete, and his instincts take over. He knows what the other side is doing. He can do multiple things.

On Morris handling pressure:
We talk about it all the time. There are two types of pressures. You feel it or those you apply. Naturally, he doesn't feel it. He is applying it. He's doing great in school. Somewhere in their lives, whether it's school or relationships or ball itself drops under pressure but I haven't seen it.

On Williams being behind Morris:
It's great to be his backup. You're learning and being on the field with him. It's an advantage, especially for me as a coach. I can tell him to explain to others what just happened. When players talk, other players listen. There is a mutual respect. I don't think there's a frustration..When you see a guy that talented,, Ryan appreciates that. I love about Ryan is he's finding ways to do things better than others. He's very sharp. He can get into audibles and checks very fast. He's very headsy with that and that's part of his game.

On the WR group:
We have guys who are threats. I'm excited about it. I always talk about summer training. If you have a great summer, it builds up for your season. Now all the 1on1s, throwing a line in there, and that's where the next step has to happen. As far as speed,, agility, and burst, they now have to gel and truly take a playmaker role.

On having all the pieces on offense:
Yes. I think we have to be healthy to use those tools. They still have to develop into it.

On Stacy Coley:
We really enjoyed watching him. He's learning. The talent is there. It's our job to get him ready, and onto the field.

On the TE group:
Big, strong guys who are physical. They give us flexibility to spread out or get big. It's very rare.

On how much of the offense is in:
Some people may look It and say that's our entire offense. We try to load them up to see what they can retain. If something doesn't stick we go back and install it again.

On quizzing the QB's:
We test all the time. There's a thing on the screen. We ask Stephen what's your mike point here, what are you looking at, things like that.

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