Golden names Top Player so far

The Hurricanes are a few days into fall camp now, and Al Golden has named his top camp performer so far. Read on to see what he's saying about that, some injury updates, and much more.

On Seantrel Henderson:
I think hopefully he will just continue to be process oriented. He's in a good place right now. If you're worried about where you're supposed to go, what about enjoying the journey? We haven't seen the best of him yet. I promise you that. He's had a good summer and I'm anxious to see. He battled an ankle but is back already and that says a lot about where his focus is.

On Henderson from 2012:
We noticed but we didn't get all of Seantrel. We are finally getting all of him, a total commitment from him. We'll see if that continues. He has leaders around him who can help him do that.

On his upside:
You guys know where the ceiling is. He can be as good as he wants to be. It's him being the best he can be. If the coaches can get him to trust that he can be as good as he can be, I know he'll be happy. I'd like to see that go to a whole new level this month.

On nutritional specialist Tony Musto:
Tony's done an incredible job. We're really emphasizing it. Hopefully Friday you'll see some of the things we're doing for the guys. We're giving guys specific diets,, meeting their nutritional needs. We're grateful for the support we're getting. It's no longer OK to be a 208 pound linebacker. We've made a lot of progress and Tony is a big reason for that.

On compared to years past:
We're at a totally different level now. If you're not trying to be the best from a nutritional or strength and conditioning standpoint then you're behind. These guys have done an unbelievable job of coming together. That wasn't the case when we first got here.

On moving guys around:
The biggest thing early on is to get everyone settled in. We want to reduce the mental errors so we can practice and scrimmage fast. But we may move guys around.

On any new roster additions:
I will keep you guys posted.

On Danny Isidora's foot injury:
The biggest thing is when Danny sees a specialist. We've jumped the gun in the past. I want to give his family the benefit of seeing a specialist and then we'll be accurate. He has to see a foot specialist today or tomorrow.

On Anthony Chickillo's ankle:
I think he's OK. I was surprised he wasn't ready to go today. With ankles, sometimes you just wake up sore.

On Pat O'Donnell:
If you were going to ask who the most impressive player on your team after two days, I'd say Pat O'Donnell. He's mature, poised, locked in, and he's on a mission right now. We're fortunate he's here. He's leading, he's in great shape. He has a good leg, doing punts and kickoffs for us. His punts have been excellent for us. It's a huge bonus. It's a credit to the staff to staying alert. We got a call from Palm Beach saying he's out there, then he's visiting, and then he's here. We're always going to stay after guys.

On whether O'Donnell will handle field goals:
A little bit but Goudis has been good so far. We have some other guys who can compete too.

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