Q&A with Shane McDermott

Read on to see what junior center Shane McDermott is saying after the first few days of fall camp.

On fall camp:
We started with helmets and now we're putting on more pads and getting into the running game. Our bodies will have to adjust to more hitting. We'll adjust.

On dealing with high expectations:
It's not hard at all. We are trying to become just an internally driven team, and weve reached that point. We don't read newspapers. A lot of us don't have social media sites. We ignore all that and stay together as an O-Line.

On the cohesiveness:
We're just an interesting group of guys. We all love to joke around with each other. There are no hard feelings. We know how far we can push each other and have fun at the same time.

On the experience:
It's a great thing because with Feliciano, Bunche, and Linder and knowing they're back and knowing who's on the right and left of me is a comfort zone. And with Stephen behind me, it's a big comfort zone. We've been together the last four years and we've really gelled together. It's a really special and unique situation.

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