Q&A with Seantrel Henderson

Read on to see what senior offensive tackle Seantrel Henderson is saying after the first few days of fall camp.

On fall camp:
I had a good offseason program. Me and all my teammates,, I feel like got stronger and a little faster. I should be ready for the season. This is my last season and I wanna make the most of it and win a bowl game this year.

On 2013:
I feel like I've been focusing more than ever. I've matured over the years coming into this season. I wanna do the best I can for myself, my teammates, and my coaches.

On LT vs RT:
I am working at both. It really doesn't matter to me. Wherever Kehoe wants me, I'll play.

On losing his dreadlocks:
I just wanted to get rid of them. We had workouts at 6 and all the coaches were saying how different I looked. Then Coreeey King cut his and Allen Hurnnns cut his. Not saying I started a trend or whatever.

On reps at 225 on the bench:
I got 24. Last year I did 20. I am 332 as of this morning. I'm fine. My coaches wanted me under 340 so I wanna play between 330 and 335. I feel a little looser out there. My lateral movements are better. I'm quicker on my feet, get off the ball a little quicker.

On his eating habits:
I've been eating healthy since I've been here. I maybe cut back on how much I eat. I have three primary meals and two to three snacks a day.

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