Q&A with Brandon Linder

Read on to see what senior offensive lineman Brandon Linder is saying after the first few days of fall camp.

On fall camp:
This offseason we really stressed a iot of footwork stuff and communication stuff. I've been doing really good, passing stuff off.

On the expectations:
Having everyone come back and having everyone on the same page, I'm excited. We know what everyone's going to be thinking and now we're building depth.

On the young linemen:
Taylor Gadbois, Alex Gall just got in and is doing great. Hunter Knighton is playing center. Jared Wheeler is playing center and guard and can come in at any point. Danny Isidora. And Sunny can come in at any time. On how the depth will be:
It's too early to tell but the new guys are doing great so we'll see.

On what he's working on:
For me, I'm working on the little things. I've been in the weightroom a lot, getting bigger in my legs and getting more expolosoive.

On how good they can be:
We can be good. We just have to keep at trhe plan, keep coming out here and working, and improve from last year.

On having a new OC:
It's about the same from last year. The words are a little different but it's a little simpler and we're all working on that.

On Coach Kehoe:
Coach Kehoe is a trip. We're dying laughing in meetiungs. He's a great coach and gets a lot out of you. I'm glad I'm playing ffor him.

On who may surprise in 2013:
Our whole receiving corps is going to be special. Seeing them in practice,, I'm excited to see them with Stephen.

On Stephen Morris:
He's a great leader. Almost every pass he throws, he rifles them in there. I'm no quarterbacks coach but he's doing a great job.

On which games he's looking forward to most:
We're taking it one game at a time, starting with FAU.

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