Small School Product Likes UM a lot

Crescent City is home of current UM safety James Scott. It's a small town located in northern Florida near Jacksonville, and it's one of the places I wanted to visit in my spring tour, but I never got around to it.

So I visited one of their practices late last week and watched a tight end named Brian Kuhn, who immediately jumped out at me.

At 6-foot-5 and 230 pounds (he was 6-4 1/2 at Florida's camp to be exact), Kuhn runs extremely well. In fact, he ripped off a 4.70 on grass at Florida's camp two months ago.

He's a very good athlete, he runs nice routes, and has a frame to add a lot of strength and muscle mass. He's very raw, but the upside is all there. As a package, he's the best tight end prospect this state has to offer. At least in my opinion. To show off what type of explosion he has, Kuhn did a 30-inch vertical jump at the NIKE Camp in Austin, Texas back in May.

So I tried all weekend to get him on the phone, because he sure looked like the type of prospect Miami would recruit. Well, sure enough.....

Your current core GPA: It's around a 3.3.

Your current test score: I scored a 22 on the ACT.

Which schools called you in May: Oh man, I got a lot of them. 36 Division 1 schools came by the school to watch spring practice and mostly all of them called me at home.

Was Miami among those schools: Yes sir. Coach Soldinger stopped by then called me on the phone.

What's Miami talking about: Coach Soldinger told me he really liked me and he invited me to their camp. I went down there, but it was basically just to meet with the coaches. I really didn't participate. I like the Hurricanes a lot. I'm still close with James Scott, who is from Crescent City. Coach Chudzinski is also really nice.

Have any schools sent you a scholarship offer in the mail: Yes sir. There have been a few - Michigan State, Northwestern, Louisville, and Maryland. Some other coaches told me I had a scholarship over the phone.

If signing day were tomorrow, what's it looking like: I plan on making official visits to Miami, Florida, Maryland, and probably Georgia. Then I'll make my decision based off that.

There you have it - the state's best tight end prospect. Kuhn is a very nice young man. He's excellent academically, and will only get better and better on the football field. He's not an overly strong kid yet, which means he'll probably get faster and more explosive in addition to adding what will probably be 15-20 pounds on his 230-pound frame. Miami seems very interested and I would not be a bit surprised if the Hurricanes offer Kuhn a scholarship sometime this season. I'm sure glad I made that stop by his school to watch them practice last week.

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