Golden: Our leadership has been key

The Hurricanes have now completed four days of fall camp. Read on to see what head coach Al Golden is saying.

On any updates to Danny Isidora or Anthony Chickillo:
No. Danny is going tomorrow to a specialist. Chick we integrated a little today, and we'll do more tomorrow.

On the difference now compared to when he got here:
As I said in the spring, it's more of a maturity, more of a poise. Guys know what to do. When you play that many young guys, it's all part of the process. Now we can focus on details because guys know what to do. We're getting the best leadership we've had.

On what the leadership means:
It allows you to focus on your job. This has been the most enjoyable 8 to 10 weeks that I've had here. It's a credit to Stephen and Shayon and Linder and the leadership.

On being more consistent:
We weren't consistent last year from week to week. Think about in the game, certain games. Look at Georgia Tech. High, low, high. If you wanna be a contender, you have to approach it the same every day no matter if you had a good day or bad day. That's the only way you can win bunches of games in a row.

On some guys no longer here:
We all know the bottom line. If you don't appreciate the opportunity here, and don't wanna operate within our core values, then there's no place for you here. That's why these pictures are here, and inside the building. These kids know our values, know who have played here.

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