Q&A with James Coley

Read on to see what new offensive coordinator James Coley was saying about his offense today, after four days of fall camp.

On fall camp:
We're working hard, trying to get better. There's a lot of competition on both sides of the ball. We're enjoying it as a coaching staff. We're excited about their commitment to get better.

On Phillip Dorsett:
You usually have a guy that's a track guy who is fast and it's always great when he catches the ball. Its good to look out there and see that. The only problem is Artie Burns is on him and he's fast. So then it's a wash. It's nice to have that on both sides.

On the offensive line:
Every offense, when those guys up front are who they are – talented, smart, and tough – it filters on to everyone else. The biggest guy in the room, if he's the confident guy, the little guy will feed off that. It's awesome to have here.

On Standish Dobard:
He's a guy who has prototypical tight end skills. He can block and he can run routes. We're on day 4, see where we're at. We're coaching consistency. You have to bring it every day. That's the key, and our standard.

On Asante Cleveland:
He's smart, savvy, veteran, competitor, and hes not shy to be vocal. When you get a guy using his toolbox, using all these skills, you put him in there because he's playing faster than everyone else.

On who can be this year's Mike James:
I think we have a backfield of guys with good ball skills. I don't see Mike as a running back compliment. Duke has ball skills. Dallas has exceptional ball skills, and is a mismatch guy for us who is smart enough to take advantage of the things we ask him to do.

On goals on offense:
Here's how I see it. You set goals for yourself. You wanna be the best in the country on third down. How can you be the best at anything? Consistency. When you set your goals and measure what you do by those goals, everything falls into place. The best offense in the country is usually playing for championships. On offense, defense, and special teams, your biggest goal is to win.

On who's standing out most:
There's been a handful of guys up front. Linder's done a great job. They don't get the credit sometimes. I thought Allen Hurns has really stepped up his game. When I say stepped up, he's healthy and playing fast. Stephen is throwing exceptionally well, and Ryan is throwing well. It's about 10 or 11 guys who are all playing well. Ask me again 10 days from now.

On Malcolm Bunche:
That guy can play all five. He's solid whether it's at tackle or guard. That group, in today's football, the tackle is really isolating himself. Malcolm can handle the edge stuff or be the guard to provide that girth to handle it inside.

On sugar huddle vs quick tempo:
I've seen teams use the sugar huddle. Every play, the defense has to feel threatened so they line up. You then see they're in this. That's a stress when you're always on the ball and ready to go.

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