Interview: Jason Avant

One of the kids from the Midwest region who has caught my attention due to the amount of schools supposedly recruiting him is Chicago's Jason Avant.

The thing that was surprising me was the fact that Avant was claiming a Miami offer as a receiver when I was positive they hadn't yet offered any out of state receivers.

Avant checked in at Michigan's camp at 6-2 1/4 and 202 pounds. He was 205 at Notre Dame's camp shortly afterwards. Avant didn't run due to an ankle that was bothering him, but says he's anywhere from a 4.49 to a 4.52 on track, which means he's probably a 4.55 kid on grass.

Your current core GPA: 2.94

Your current test score: I got a 16 the first time I took the ACT.

Which schools called you in May: All the Big 10 except Minnesota, Arizona, Tennessee, Arkansas, Alabama, Notre Dame, Boston College, Nebraska, Miami, Kansas State, Colorado, Colorado State, Virginia, South Carolina, and Vanderbilt.

Which schools have sent you a scholarship offer in the mail: In the mail, I have them from Wisconsin, Illinois, Penn State, and Tennessee. Michigan and Notre Dame told me at their camps that they will be sending one.

Do you know which schools you'll visit: I dont have any dates yet, but I'm pretty sure my five visits will be to Tennessee, Michigan, Illinois, Miami, and Virginia.

If signing day were tomorrow, what's it looking like: Michigan, Tennessee, and Illinois are my top three followed by Miami or Virginia.

Talk about Miami: I really like them, I like my recruiting coach - I think his name is Chudzinski. He had a lot of good things to say and they must have a good wide receivers coach since they put so many guys in the NFL.

Are any of your top five schools recruiting you to play safety: Just Virginia. Nebraska and South Carolina are also recruiting me for defense.

Avant is a really nice kid to sit down and talk to. He's very knowledgable about the recruiting process and I suspect that he's a kid who will make all five of his official visits before making a decision. It sounds like Miami likes him a lot as a wide receiver, and if an out of state receiver is offered, he'd be one of the first to get one. Avant also averages almost 20 points per game in basketball.

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