Interview: John Douchette

When talking about St. Augustine High School in New Orleans, everyone wants to talk about highly-rated wide receiver Akieem Jolla. And for good reason.

However, Jolla isn't the only prospect at that school who is being heavily recruited.

Meet tight end John Douchette, who measured at LSU's camp last week at 6-foot-2 and 247 pounds. He ran a 5.00 on a surface that seemed slow for a lot of kids. At the NIKE Camp in May, Douchette ran a 4.84.

Your current core GPA: 2.5

Your current test score: Dont have it yet.

Which schools called in May: Georgia Tech, Clemson, LSU, Michigan, Auburn, Florida, Florida State, Miami, West Virginia, Michigan State, and a few others.

Which schools have sent you scholarship offers in the mail: In the mail - LSU, Georgia Tech, Clemson, Florida, Memphis, Michigan, and West Virginia. Those are the ones so far.

What's Miami talking about: They called me in the spring. They're also recruiting Akieem (Jolla). It's a good school, I'd love to have the opportunity to play there, but they haven't sent me anything in awhile, so it seems like they're not as interested any more.

Do they still send stuff to Akieem: I'm not even sure.

If signing day were tomorrow, what's it looking like: Georgia Tech, LSU, Clemson, or Michigan.

Douchette is a kid who I've read reports on where reports had Miami offering him, which again were inaccurate. Miami and Florida State called, but it doesn't appear either will be offering him. I think not even having taken the test yet, and also being a bit short for someone who doesn't run really well, Douchette is probably falling off the board as he indicated. I'll have an interview with Jolla hopefully within the week.

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