Canes Recruiting Another Georgia DL

Jenkins is a kid I have never watched on film, but I have been hearing some real good things about.

The College Park (Ga) Woodward Academy standout hasn't been to any summer camps this year, either. That's odd considering the amount of recruiting attention he's been getting.

Jenkins says he's 6-4 and 230 without shoes on, which leads me to believe he's closer to 6-3 and 225 officially. He says during track season, he was a 4.7 kid.

As a junior last season, Jenkins had 60 tackles, seven sacks, and two pass deflections. Anyway, I wanted to catch up to him since I've seen reports that indicated Miami had offered him.

Your current core GPA: 3.7

Your current test score: 1170

Which schools have sent you scholarship offers in the mail: Man, a bunch of them have. In the ACC, there's (Georgia) Tech, North Carolina, Maryland, Duke, North Carolina State, Clemson, and Wake Forest. From the SEC, there's Florida, Georgia, and Arkansas. From the Big 10 there's Northwestern, Penn State, Ohio State, and Michigan. The other three are Stanford, Notre Dame, and Texas A&M. I have 17 in all.

Who are some other top programs that called in May: Pretty much everyone who called in May also sent a scholarship offer. Miami is one who hasn't offered me yet.

Talk about Miami's situation: Coach Hargreaves called, and came by the school in the spring. They have a good science program, which is what I like. They're obviously a great program, but they're just not in my top five right now.

What is your top five: I set my first visit to Penn State on September 1. They're playing Miami that weekend. I will also probably visit Northwestern, Notre Dame, Stanford, and Michigan.

If Miami offers you, do they enter the top five: They might. It depends on how much interest they show me when colleges can start calling again (September 1).

There you have it, Jenkins says Miami has not offered, and are about the only program that hasn't aside from Florida State. Again, the two most talented programs in America are being extremely selective when offering scholarships this early, especially to defensive linemen. Jenkins is a kid that UM might continue recruiting, but I got the sense he plans on playing in Big 10 country.

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